The Contrology Center is a fully equipped Pilates Studio located in Germantown, Wisconsin. Conveniently located on Mequon Road just two miles east of Highway 45, the Contrology Center serves Pilates enthusiasts in Jackson, Mequon, Menomonee Falls, Wauwatosa, and West Bend.

Contrology (Pilates), as defined by Joseph Pilates himself, is “complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit”.  At the Contrology Center, we believe that when the Mind and Body work together , the Spirit is elevated.  Our studio offers you a community with a passion for movement and our boutique setup provides you with a supportive setting where you can be comfortable taking your fitness to the next level. Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of our clients through safe, knowledgeable, and motivational instruction in the field of Pilates exercise.

Our Studio

Classes are offered in private and small group settings providing a unique opportunity for all clients, regardless of fitness level, an environment where they are comfortable and motivated to succeed at their own pace. Individual client attention is a priority at the Contrology Center and allows for more rapid results as each client reaches his or her potential.

Our Equipment

The Contrology Center features state of the art Balanced Body apparatus. The Centerline equipment was chosen specifically to replicate the authentic design of Joseph Pilates original craftsmanship and provides the client with the most authentic Pilates experience.  Our studio is proud to offer the full range of Pilates apparatus which allows our instructors to tailor private sessions for individuals with health or physical limitations.

Our Instructors

All instructors at The Contrology Center are committed to seeking out the science of the Pilates method and have completed the prestigious Pilates Center Teacher Training Program.  This 950 hour training program is considered the most comprehensive and intensive program in the industry and provides our instructors with the knowledge to be safe and effective with our diverse clientele.

Come Experience Personal, Authentic, Uplifting Pilates With Us!

Join us for a FREE introductory Reformer session on Saturday April 20th at 9am.  Reserve your spot on our schedule page or call 414-840-9018 to learn more.