Packages expire twelve months from purchase date. Special offers and promotions expire on date specified in promotion.

In order to honor the commitment that the client and instructor has made to an appointment or class, cancellation or rescheduling made less than 24 hours in advance will result in a full charge for that lesson. Cancellations are accepted via our online booking system, in person, email, or by phoning the studio at 414-840-9018.

All of our classes require a 2 person minimum for the class to run.  If you are the only one registered 24 hours before the session start time you will notified of the cancellation via text, phone, or email and the class will be credited back to your account for future use.  The instructor will be available to you for a private session at the private session rate if you would like to attend during the canceled class time.

For the safety and enrichment of all of our clients, please signup only for the group classes at your working level.  If you are unsure of what classes you are ready to attend, feel free to call the studio or ask your instructor.

Please wear non-slip socks to class to ensure a safe and sanitary surface for yourself and your fellow clients. If you forget your socks, Toe Sox are available for purchase at the studio for your convenience.

Out of respect for clients who may suffer from environmental allergies, please avoid the use of heavy perfumes and lotions at the studio.

For your own safety and in consideration of the equipment, please wear comfortable clothing without large buttons or zippers to class.

All group sessions are by appointment only and can be scheduled through our online booking system.

Scheduling of an appointment is your acceptance of these policies.