Our Team

Renee Mrzyglodrenee mrzyglod owner contrology center
Renee is the proud owner of The Contrology Center and welcomes the opportunity to share the amazing benefits of the Classical Pilates Method with you. For nearly a decade, she danced professionally as a classical ballet dancer and learned very quickly how important it was to reduce the potential for injury, and rehabilitate injuries when they did happen. Upon retirement from the stage in 1998, she continued to share her passion for dance and movement as a classical ballet instructor while earning her BBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin.  Renee received her pilates certification through The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program. The 950 hour Advanced Certification Program was an amazing opportunity to be trained on all the Classical Pilates apparatus. She utilizes her dance expertise to offer her clients a unique perspective and deeper understanding of the natural movements of the Pilates Method. Always eager to grow in her professional development, Renee enrolled in the Masters Program through the prestigious Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in 2013 and graduated in March of 2019 .   As a mother of three, Renee understands the importance of taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. She is committed to providing the most advanced Pilates training in a peaceful and supportive environment.

Dawn Hoerchner Pilates instructorDawn Cataldo
Full of passion and energy, Dawn seeks to help others on their path to living well in their bodies and enjoying life.  Personally feeling the life-changing benefits of Pilates, she was inspired by how functional movement impacted her life so dramatically and wanted to share this gift with others. Dawn is a graduate of the  extensive 950 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, under the mentorship of Master Teacher, Debby Orlando.  Her continuing education has been phenomenal as she craves and continues to learn the power of our bodies and the mind-body connection. Dawn enjoys sharing her compassion and joy with others and is thankful to have the honor of being a part of guiding friends to realize the potential of their unique strong bodies and blossom into their true beings.

joannJoAnn Hicks
JoAnn has always been fascinated with how the body moves, and over the years has enjoyed an active lifestyle that has included cheerleading, running, weightlifting, cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, and yoga. During her 20 year corporate sales career, she tried Pilates in an effort to eliminate the pain she was experiencing from the many hours spent driving and at the computer. She soon discovered Pilates not only took her pain away, it also gave her newfound strength and energy, and an even greater appreciation for the mind-body-spirit connection. Wanting to share these benefits with others, JoAnn studied under Master Teacher Debby Orlando, and graduated from the nationally renowned 950 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. JoAnn finds deep satisfaction helping others achieve their goals, get stronger, and find balance and freedom in their movement.

Kristin Hintz Pilates instructorKristin Hintz

Kristin started her Pilates journey at the Contrology Center after missing the movement based exercise she practiced in dance from childhood through high school. It was normal for Kristin to be mentally exhausted day in and out when working as a social worker in Milwaukee. Pilates soon brought a new found energy and calm to Kristin’s life. In addition Kristin soon felt stronger, had a better positive body image, and truly felt the mind-body awareness that makes Pilates unique. This ignited a passion for sharing this with others.  Kristin studied under the mentorship of Master Teacher, Debby Orlando, and graduated from the extensive 950 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to Pilates, Kristin enjoys, running, swimming, and biking.

Cathy Clearman

Cathy started her return to life (Pilates journey) at the Contrology Center after having trouble recovering from a surgery.  Cathy soon found out with Pilates she was not experiencing chronic pain for the first time in years and was even stronger than before her surgery through consistent Pilates practice.  She also noticed that there were intangible benefits she was gaining from the control and calmness that Pilates teaches the user that led to promotions in her job and an increased ability to handle life’s curve balls.  Recently, Pilates (with the mind-body awareness and control from this discipline) has helped Cathy through her Breast Cancer diagnosis, surgery and after effects thanks to both her doctors and her instructors.  Cathy is studying under the mentorship of Master Teacher, Debby Orlando, while completing the extensive 950 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.   In addition to Pilates, Cathy enjoys painting, walking, traveling and reading. Cathy is excited to help others find that same energy and strength that she has found through Pilates.

Christine Lauer

Christine started her Pilates Journey the day she took the Free Foundations class when the Contrology Center first opened in 2015. Not knowing anything about Pilates she immediately fell in love with the method behind strengthening her mind, body and spirit. Spending years working behind a desk all day Christine soon found out doing Pilates helped her with not only her posture but all the aches and pains she was experiencing at work and in her daily life. Christine is now studying under the mentorship of Master Teacher Debby Orlando while completing the extensive 950 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program through The Pilates Center in Boulder Colorado.
Besides Pilates, Christine enjoys traveling, biking and spending time with family and friends. Christine is looking forward to helping others feel the same happiness and well- being she has experienced. Feeling more confident and seeing your body change at the same time is so worth the journey.