Don’t take our word for it, see what our valued clients have to say about their transformations at The Contrology Center.


“When I started taking Pilates I was very skeptical of the type of work out it would give me.  I had been working out about 5 times a week doing anything from long distance runs to HIIT classes.  I felt the harder the workout and the more sore I was, the better I would feel. I was wrong.  As I get older I realize my body can’t handle these types of workouts any more.  My body would just hurt for days after my workouts and I wasn’t feeling good about working out.  After my first session at The Contrology Center I knew this was what my body needed.  I immediately felt relief in my lower back and joints and I was feeling great!  The instructors are very knowledgeable as to what my body needed and helped me realize that feeling good needs to comes from within and once you achieve that feeling then you will look your best.”


“As a competitive Irish dancer, I decided to try Pilates as a way to prevent injury and enhance my dancing. I have been working with Renee for several years and our private sessions have helped me to gain flexibility and remain injury free. I have learned how to breathe more efficiently which helps during competition and I always walk away from each session with something new to think about when I go to dance!”


“I have found a workout that I actually look forward to doing! A friend told me about the personalized experience at the studio and I tried one of the free monthly classes. The studio is clean and welcoming and the flexible class times allows me to fit my workout into my schedule any day of the week. I have learned that it is not “about the quantity of exercise but the quality of your movements” that makes for a strong and healthy body!”


“As a young child, I survived the polio virus but lost muscle and bone mass in my left leg which has affected my balance and overall fitness level my entire life. I have always been active but after training at the studio for the past year, I have seen dramatic changes in my balance, strength and energy overall. My private sessions are tailored with my physical limitations in mind and I have been taught what modifications I need to do to keep me safe when I work out in a small group class or away from the studio. So thankful for Pilates and having such a beautiful studio in our community.”


“Having various health issues such as a hip replacement, fybromyalgia, and arthritis, I have found that keeping the small muscle groups strong along with proper stretching has allowed me to continue doing many of the activities that have been hindered due to these conditions. I’m also a nail technician and my posture can be altered at times so keeping up with Pilates classes has helped with neck and shoulder pain as well as maintaining good posture during services. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone, any age, male and female. I promise you will leave ‘feeling you had your happy!'”


“I had broken my foot, and went through almost a year of physical therapy, but it still hurt to even walk on the beach. A family vacation to New York City was very difficult because I just couldn’t walk that much. I still can’t believe the difference Renee’s Pilates instruction has made not only for my foot, but for my overall fitness level, energy level and positive outlook. Renee is a very gifted instructor who tailored sessions specifically for my needs, while still challenging me. She’s a high energy, positive person who takes a huge interest in helping each client achieve – and even exceed – their goals.”


“My teenage daughter is a dancer who was struggling with some posture issues. Renee had been my daughter’s ballet instructor, and I knew she was also a Pilates instructor, so we discussed my daughter’s situation, and started Pilates sessions. Renee customized the sessions to focus on the muscles and exercises that would stretch and build up the muscles needed to support good posture. After a year of Renee’s Pilates sessions, my daughter routinely has good posture now. In addition, my daughter has gained overall flexibility and strength that is shining through in her dance classes and on her school dance team — and in her life overall! Renee is such a positive role model for a teenage girl. I am very thankful for the difference Renee has made in my daughter’s life.”


“I have a neurological disease, which causes daily systemic pain. My goal was to find someone who is highly educated, compassionate, and willing to listen. I have become stronger, more energized and more balanced in my mind, body, and spirit. Renee is someone I will continue to work with so I can live a more pain free life. Her gift of caring is unlike anyone I have ever met. She is sincere, gracious, and her heart truly wants to make a difference in your life. I highly encourage you to experience the beautiful benefits of Pilates and working with Renee; she is knowledgeable, caring, and attentive.”


“I have a bulged disc and muscle spasms in my neck and upper back and had two cortisone injections that did not relive the pain. I have taken pain medications and muscle relaxers that didn’t help. I came to The Contrology Center thinking nothing else helped relive my pain. Renee has changed my life! I have mobility back in my neck with almost no pain at all! Not only has she helped with my pain but my body is changing in ways I never thought it would after having 4 children. Her studio is professional, clean and beautiful! I feel at ease in the environment. I totally recommend The Contrology Center to anyone. The power of breathing and being more in tune with your body can work wonders.”